Sunday, March 20, 2011

Odometer Goals

In case you missed the backstory, here's the short version:
I'm building a high-precision odometer (aka "rally computer") as my first Arduino project.

So, aside from refreshing my embedded skills, and learning a fair amount about the Arduino environment, what should this project do?

  • Provide two concurrent odometers - a 'trip' odometer, and an 'incremental' odometer.
  • Provide a reasonably accurate (drift 1 second or less per day) clock.
  • Provide an average speed display.
  • Provide most configuration options through a run-time menu system, rather than only at compile-time.
  • Maintain user configuration between power cycles.
  • Run off a car's electrical system, with a backup battery as well.
  • Be built entirely with dedicated parts - not everyone wants to have a game console controller to interact with their rally computer.

My initial version won't have all the features that some more advanced rally computers have - but it should do well enough for casual Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rallying as well as Stage rally.

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